Bartley J. Madden Foundation


Our fundamental purpose is to promote a free-market, dynamic, value-creation society. A society that maximizes innovation and opportunity while sustaining win-win relationships.


A free-market society is the best way to achieve widespread prosperity and raise the standard of living for everyone. A free market entails property rights, voluntary transactions, and a level competitive playing field where the rules apply equally to all participants.  This contrasts with cronyism, where what counts is who you know in government. What counts in a free-market society is how much value you create for others, which is the path to earned success for yourself. Everyone, particularly the least well off, benefit from a society that embraces the free market, which has been the greatest force to reduce poverty and increase prosperity.  

A dynamic, free-market society enthusiastically supports experimentation, knowledge building, and innovation that guides value creation by both established firms as well as startups. Such a society strives for equality of opportunity and enables people to climb as high as their skills, determination, and insight can take them.

What We Support

  • Defense of free-market capitalism
  • Organizations skilled in helping people get jobs that offer a career path to earned success
  • Initiatives to assist veterans of our armed services to transition into productive, private sector jobs
  • Initiatives to instill private sector innovation and efficiency into government processes
  • Research that offers insights into how knowledge building and entrepreneurship drive economic growth
  • Educational initiatives to help people learn about the value-creation process and become life-long value creators

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