Bartley J. Madden Foundation


Our mission is to promote free-market capitalism rooted in a value-creation mindset. Such a mindset maximizes innovation and opportunity, while sustaining win-win relationships. Free-market capitalism builds upon property rights, voluntary transactions, and a level competitive playing field accessible to all. A free-market-based society promotes dynamism with enthusiastic support for experimentation, knowledge building, and innovation by established firms, and especially by entrepreneurial startups. Most importantly, free-market societies champion opportunities for earned success. This is in sharp contrast to the crony capitalism so prevalent today where those who are well-connected politically receive an abundance of legislative favor.

We Support

  • Educational programs for understanding the benefits of free-market capitalism compared to those socialistic societies that trample freedom. This includes programs that generate ideas for counteracting crony capitalism and its powerful lobbying interests. 
  • Educational programs that explain value creation principles, advance systems thinking tied to value creation, and promote the firm as the fundamental unit of analysis for economic progress
  • Organizations that efficiently teach essential skills that facilitate obtaining jobs that offer a career path to earned success 
  • Initiatives to instill private sector innovation and efficiency into government processes
  • Programs to assist veterans of our armed services to transition to productive lives in the private sector  
  • Programs to expand school choice
  • Programs that nurture and sustain free speech, especially on college campuses 
  • Research that connects knowledge-building proficiency to the long-term performance of organizations, especially firms

Bartley J. Madden
Gregory L. Madden
Jeffrey B. Madden